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Pay per issuance or transaction of an electronic security. Issue shares and options. Manage a real-time cap table.

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Issue unlimited securities with access to ASC 718 Expense reporting. Pay monthly or annually as an Enterprise customer.

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Accept a certificate, option grant, or other security.
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Modern Equity Management

Cap table management, 409A valuations, ASC 718 reporting, and employee liquidity.
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SEC-registered Transfer Agent.
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Equity services from formation to IPO

New startup  ›  Seed stage  ›  Growth stage  ›  Late stage

Stage one

The new startup

You've just incorporated your brand-new company.

Everlaw, customer since 2013
A unified platform for e-discovery and litigation
Tristan Walker @tristanwalker

yo. @eshares is FANTASTIC.

January 26, 2015
John Sheehan @johnsheehan

Highly recommend @eshares for managing your cap table and option grants. If you’re just starting a company do it sooner rather than later.

March 15, 2015
Nat Turner @natsturner

New rule for my angel investing, the companies have to be using eShares

April 2, 2015
Stage two

The seed startup

You've raised funding and hired your first employees.

Science Exchange, customer since 2014
A marketplace for scientific collaboration
Nora Abousteit @noraa

Really love using @eshares real-time cap table and electronic option and share offering. SO EASY.

January 13, 2015
Ryan Delk @delk

If you’re an investor / advisor / startup employee, ask the founders to use @eshares — superior in every way to the standard process.

April 17, 2015
Giordano Contestabil @giordanobc

If you’re not using @eshares to manage your cap table and issue shares and options, I pity you (fool!). It’s that good

April 3, 2015
Stage three

Growth stage

You have achieved product-market fit, raised institutional capital, and need to be ready for audit.

Pepperdata, customer since 2014
A big data managment platform
Gabriel Weinberg @yegg

Just switched our cap table/options management to @eshares. Highly recommended.

February 2, 2015
Kyle McCollom @kylemccollom

.@eshares is magical: https://esharesinc.com/ . Beautiful, real-time cap table management. Legally issue electronic shares, options, & notes.

March 27, 2015
Danielle Morrill @DanielleMorrill

Finally just using cap table software because... Yeah. Yay @esharesinc I love you

October 15, 2014
Stage four

Late stage

You are one of the elite few that can make the jump to a publicly-traded company.

Blue Bottle Coffee, customer since 2014
A specialty coffee roaster and retailer
Kegan Schouwenburg @Kegan3D

So happy with @esharesinc would recommend them to any startup wanting to organize their ownership breakdown outside of excel :)

July 15, 2014
Andrew Parker @andrewparker

I've handcrafted cap tables for 9 years, and I strongly recommend @eShares's open sourced round modeling sheet: https://support.esharesinc.com/article/94…

March 25, 2015
Pepperdata @pepperdata

Spotlight on things we love: We just moved to @eshares and it’s working great.

December 19, 2014

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